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Inbound marketing: From cold-calling to scalable lead generation for Netigate.

Tech, SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
Traffic and lead acquisition based on inbound marketing strategies to grow the sales pipeline.

Products used

Salesforce Sales Cloud

A cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to manage leads and insights.


The world’s most popular website builder to build content and landing pages.

Stop guessing, start knowing.

Founded in 2005, Netigate is today one of the leading and most awarded European providers of cloud-based feedback management platforms. Their solutions for customer and employee experience are built to ensure that collected insights go all the way into change initiatives that drive progress. Over 150 million surveys within 40 countries have been performed. Their clients range from small organisations to enterprise businesses in all industries, including Spotify, UBER or Adidas. I was assigned to build up the online marketing and take on the challenge of driving enterprise marketing and lead generation on a European parameter.

When joining, the concept of value-driven inbound marketing to drive lead generation was in its very early days. As for many, Netigate’s marketing and sales processes were mostly based on cold-calling to generate leads and acquire new customers. Working close to the CEO and VP Marketing and Sales, I was testing new approaches and laying the foundation to transform their lead acquisition and providing new ways of demand and lead generation in the company.

By introducing new proven inbound marketing concepts to the team, we quickly were able to implement and overachieve the previous conversion and lead conversion ratios to build a growing lead pipeline. Using Netigate’s yearly countrywide employee survey report, we provided valuable content to create awareness, to build trustful relationships and for being seen as one of the thought-leaders in the space. I was also driving the international traffic acquisition and inbound marketing campaigns in all countries and implemented Salesforce as CRM to manage and scale the lead management.

Netigate’s data-driven philosophy to gain insights to continuously improve and grow helped along the way to establish specialised sales and marketing teams to build a fast growing lead generation engine.

Photo: J. Strong

A remarkable and fully working CRM marketing with a strong sense for business and improving the customer journey. Thank you!

Mathias Eglund

VP Sales, Magine

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