Success story

Personalised and scalable CRM marketing to 500.000 subscribers

Tech & entertainment, SaaS
Stockholm, Sweden
CRM Marketing and establishing a personalised and scalable marketing communication platform.

Products used


A customer data platform that makes good data accessible for all teams.


The messaging platform to scale personalised customer messages.


Powerful product analytics platform to help convert, engage, and retain more users.

Growing and optimizing the post-registration communication funnel for Magine’s SaaS product Plejmo in 4 countries.

Plejmo was Magine’s newest acquisition and one of the largest movie streaming platforms in Scandinavia before migrating into Danish Blockbuster in 2019. Their mission was to offer an exclusive movie streaming experience for the connected user right after launching in cinemas and before at subscription-based services as Netflix.

Assigned to develop and grow their CRM marketing, I was planning and executing creative user engagement and loyalty strategies to run across all channels for activating and converting their fast-growing user-base. A major part was driving the automation of user activation, retention and loyalty based on user habits, personal recommendations and behaviour-based data with a relentless focus on maximizing the customer experience and monetizing communication strategies for enabling rapid scalable business growth. To get there, two areas needed to evolve.

CRM Marketing Platforms

Naturally, entertainment and streaming services build on a great content library, great product experiences as well as relevant and highly personalised communication to build a trustful relationship. Therefore, the right marketing stack needed to be in place first. Instead of building custom and resource-intense integrations to individual CRM, data and analytic platforms – a fully connected, scalable and flexible setup were what I came up with:

  1. Data Management: Segment as a customer data platform to instantly make the user and streaming data available to all connected tools
  2. Insights: Mixpanel and Google Analytics to understand customer interests and build better recommendations
  3. Communication: Vero as the consumer platform for email, push and in-app communication
  4. Other: Even other marketing platforms as Intercom, VWO, Amplitude could be used with a single click and almost no development work involved

The benefit was clear. All data, from all communication platforms, was accessible and could be used to create a unified user view to understand and target the entertainment needs and run real cross-channel marketing communication in the most personalised way. With Vero’s unique API-based template builder, all customer communication used fully dynamic movie recommendations, which enabled Plejmo to use its resources in a smarter way, scale its communication and provide a great customer experience.

CRM Strategy & Campaigns

With a fully connected and unified CRM marketing stack in place – interest, behaviour and data-based communications built the backbone of the CRM communication strategy to build a scalable and repeatable growth engine. Regular brand or sales-focused campaigns were run to convert, activate, retain or win-back users via

  1. Targeted sales campaigns, special offers or deeply integrated bonus points campaigns
  2. Segment-based promotions along the customer lifecycle
  3. Automated interest and behaviour-based recommendations
  4. Automated user onboarding and engagement programs
  5. New features or product launches

With over 500.000 subscribers in 4 countries and multiple languages, Plejmo was able to enable and streamline valuable relationships with its users – at scale.

A remarkable and fully working CRM marketing with a strong sense for business and improving the customer journey. Thank you!

Mathias Eglund

VP Sales, Magine

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