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My mission is to provide you with everything you need to create, track, build and automate valuable relationships with visitors, users, leads and customers – at scale.

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There is a smarter way to grow.

I help you streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so you can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.


My name is Sebastian. I help digital-driven businesses to transform marketing teams into profit-centres and accelerate growth by providing marketing strategies, platform setups and campaign solutions that drive value. Scalable, repeatable and predictable.

Based in Stockholm and Berlin, I crafted and executed many successful CRM, marketing automation, acquisition and lead generation strategies across multiple channels for hyperfast-growing and awarded tech-companies. During the past decade, I have also performed many complex marketing technology integrations (eg. Salesforce CRM and marketing automation platforms). I work close to commercial, product and engineering teams and contribute with many years of professional expertise from SaaS or e-commerce businesses within B2C and B2B.

Together with a flexible network of smart, growth-minded and customer-centric freelancers, I can help smart companies in large projects to launch incredible products and grow faster. I strongly believe the best digital solutions are built at the intersection of business strategy, available technology, and real value creation for users.

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years of experience


generated leads

450 MEUR

in sales pipeline value


Skills to create thrills

I have worked with some of the industry’s hyper-growth brands to set the foundation for their growth engine, generate leads and fill the sales pipeline. If you are an agency or a business, here is how I can help:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Set the foundation to turn marketing into a growth engine. I can help to guide along the way from strategy, channel-selection, transformation, adoption and evaluation.

Inbound Marketing

Attract and delight more leads at scale with valuable targeted content and gain thought-leadership along the customer journey by addressing your customers’ demands.

CRM & Marketing Automation

From strategy, integrations, lead scoring models and workflows to scale your efforts and increase the value you provide to your contacts in a more personalised and efficient way.

MarTech Implementations

Amplify or extend your current technology stack. Connect, map or inject data from other sources. I have done many complete platform integrations, e.g with Salesforce.

Acquisition & Campaigns

Gain new visitors, users, leads or customers. I can help in creating entire concepts, creative briefs, channel evaluation and launching your campaigns to reach your targets.

Engagement & Retention

Turn your visitors and leads into qualified prospects or paying customers. Win them back with engaging nurturing cross-channel workflows in your platforms.

B2B or B2C

I learned from both worlds, gained experience of what works – and what might not – and can apply the best and successful concepts from all.

Global and local

Working in international environments or with local teams – I am fully fluent in speaking and writing in English, Swedish and German.

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